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The FOSS cross-platform camp and the other people

June 27, 2009

Very recently I discovered a friend at my university who was a lot more into coding than I thought. The night before while drinking we had actually had an interesting conversation on C++ vs D, so I imagined it could be fun to hang more with this guy. I knew he was a windows user, but lately just about everything I do has been cross-platform, and I assumed that we had come to a stage where most people cooperate irregardless of their OS preference.

So the next day I show him two of my current projects, both involving qt and linux. Seeing qt, his response was “Oh, qt? how can you cope with that stuff, it sucks. It’s so bloated and slow” Naturally, I had to ask why he thought this, and his response was that he had tried once before and was put off at how big the exe files ended up as, so he just left qt then and instead went for the more ambitious win32 coding instead. Immediately my expectations about this guy sunk to a whole different level.

I remember a time when I was like this too – I knew only visual basic, and was happy with being able to double click small compiled exe files that would make the screen flash in various colors. The only crowd I made stuff was of course other windows using friends, there was no concept of cross-platform stuff.

Sometimes I wonder why we even strive for cross-platform at all. I don’t really want to think of windows users as “those other people”, but often I do.

Disclaimer: I only wanted to tell this story, don’t draw any too big conclusions from this post 🙂