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KDE search collection – making KDE web resources more discoverable

April 15, 2009

Like any self-respecting geek would do, I often sit down leaving more important things, in order to make some other process a little bit more efficient the next time you have to do it. This time I spent a little time putting together a html page with a collection of the search engines I very often use for various information on KDE development.

I hope this will be useful, especially for newer users that may not be aware of how many greats services there are out there for development related searches. For experienced users I also stuck a little cheat sheet in there (so far only for the BKO search), which might be convenient for all those easy-to-forget syntactic sugar provided.

Here’s the url for now:

Suggestions for changes, additional search engines etc in the comments.


glxgears benchmark…?

April 12, 2009

I think it’s funny how often you see the phrase “…I know it’s not a benchmark, but I get XX fps with glxgears…”. If you actually did understand that it’s not a benchmark then you wouldn’t use it as one.  *sigh*

Isn’t it about time someone threw out that fps printf in glxgears?

Drag’n’drop menus/Ark “extract here” popup menu

April 2, 2009

KDE Brainstorm is great, when I was a little bored of fixing bugs and started feeling tired of the same code all the time, seeing peoples ideas once again brought me back to the coding mood. What they suggested this time was a menu where you can drag an archive file, and have “Extract here” pop up in the menu at the destination where the file is dropped. Looking at dolphin/libkonq code I saw that there was a TODO for actually bringing this kind of functionality back (remember dropping an image file on the desktop and getting “set as wallpaper”?) So I dived in and started hacking on a new plugin architecture for adding this kind of popups.

At this point the code has not been polished and is not ready for commiting yet, but it will be in a few days I think. Screenshot:


For anyone that want to extend their application with an item like this, now is the time to act to get it ready in time for 4.3. The “set as wallpaper” plugin will also be trivial to implement and is up for grabbing for anyone looking for a junior/junior high job.

These kind of conveniences are, in my eyes, the small but important things that made KDE what it is.