How to disable the guidance-power-manager from autostarting in kubuntu

If you’re one of those using kde 4.2 on kubuntu, and getting annoyed at guidance-power-manager starting up all the time while you instead want to use the more integrated powerdevil, here’s the clean solution.

The Autostart spec says that adding Hidden=true to a desktop file says that it should be completely ignored. This is, by the way, also what happens when you enable/disable the checkbox in the system settings autostart manager. The autostart manager, however, does not include the autostart items added from the root /usr/share/autostart folder, so here is how you do it:

In  $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/autostart/  (defaults to ~/.config/autostart ), create the file guidance-power-manager.desktop and add the following two lines:

[Desktop Entry]

In the long run,  I think the better solution would be to have these also pop up in the autostart manager, so that overriding of properties in these files would be more intuitive.


5 Responses to “How to disable the guidance-power-manager from autostarting in kubuntu”

  1. Jesper Thomschutz Says:

    Why not go:
    systemsettings->advanced->autostart->uncheck “enabled” for guidance-power-manager ?

    Mouse power! 😀

  2. Jesper Thomschutz Says:

    (Note- I read your post: I mean that those steps work for me in Kubuntu/Intrepid)

  3. Harald Says:

    @Jesper: i am using kubuntu intrepid too, and there is no entry for guidance-power-manager there in the autostart manager. Like I mentioned in the post, it is found in /usr/share/autostart so it does not appear there by default. Of course it did pop up after adding the file as mentioned in this post, but I assume by your comment you mean the entry was there even before that. I wonder why.

  4. Samat Says:

    Probably want to point out this only applies to Kubuntu 8.10/Intrepid. guidance-power-manager is gone in Kubuntu 9.04/Jaunty.

  5. Serhiy Kachaniuk Says:

    I simply uninstalled corresponding package, guidance-power-manager

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