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A binary package-based system with own patches?

February 5, 2009

I’m increasingly getting an urge to expanding my hackings into other parts of kde, as to actually fix the small things that annoy me myself. There is only one problem though; I am very happy with the updated packages the kubuntu team supplies, and especially with my small laptop being my only available system, keeping a constantly complete self-compiled environment is something I don’t want to do.

So I’m wondering, maybe there is a middleway? Maybe there is a way I can for example get the source for the plasma package, hackety-hack up a small feature patch, send the patch off to review, commiting and whatnot, and while all this is happening, be able to keep these few patches in my own system easily, even with all the other parts of the system being based on packages.

For the apps that I regularly hack on (ark and kiten) I actually have placed empty placeholder packages in the system and compile them myself, but for larger system packages I also want the various improvements and settings that the packagers supply. So what say you, planeteers? Are any of you keeping custom patches on your package-based system? (source-based distros do not count)