A dashboard for your extra mouse button

Just thought I’d share with you people what I did the other day. I’m one of those people who just haven’t managed to let go of icons on the desktop, so one thing I found myself doing a lot is showing the dashboard (ctrl+f12) and then clicking the shortcut. So if figured, what if I made it so that I can activate desktop icons with just one click, using that extra button on the right side of the mouse that I never use?

Here’s what you do. First install xbindkeys and xautomation (needed for the xte utility), then edit your ~/.xbindkeysrc file and add:
"xte 'mouseclick 1'"
b:6 + release

"dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.kde.plasma /App local.PlasmaApp.toggleDashboard"

This is also assuming that you have setup xorg correctly and you want to bind button 6. Pressing the button down sends away a dbus request to show the dashboard. Then, when you release the mouse button the xte utility simulates a button click wherever you have the mouse.

Finally, to have this all the time, add xbindkeys to your startup application list with the wonderful KDE4 gui that I just discovered moments ago. No need to go on hacking inside the .kde/Autostart directory.


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  1. Hans Says:


    I wish KHotKeys gets support for mouse shortcuts (I’m not talking about mouse gestures). E.g. Win + Mouse1 -> Show dashboard. That’s one of the things I love with Compiz.

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