Re: deskzilla, they gave us a site license

Here’s a followup to the previous post about deskzilla, they were actually really quick to response to my request and sent me a wide site license free for distribution. So, for anyone who wants it I uploaded it here:



6 Responses to “Re: deskzilla, they gave us a site license”

  1. Kyle Cunningham Says:

    Another path to take might be JIRA ( which is also proprietary but free licenses are available for open source projects.

  2. Ian Monroe Says:

    Deskzilla looks pretty handy. I wonder if it could be used to create a bugzilla thats worth actually using – I personally don’t submit bugs or tasks or anything, our bugzilla is too cluttered with junk. Maybe some sort of query could be made… I wish bugzilla had arbitrary labels. And that you could edit descriptions. So ok, Deskzilla doesn’t fix most of things I hate about bugzilla I guess. 😉

    @Kyle: that doesn’t have anything to do with this. Actually they also have a GUI interface for JIRA.

  3. Lydia Pintscher Says:

    @Ian: The new bugzilla has labels.

  4. Thomas Zander Says:

    Ian; its a new version of Bugzilla; please check if there are solutions for your problems before judging 😉

  5. Ian Monroe Says:

    Well great that they have labels. Maybe we can use these to start having developer-created bugs/tasks. Then it’d be easy to create a query with only these tasks…

    @tzander: No editable descriptions is still my biggest gripe!

  6. Ian Monroe Says:

    And its certainly still an issue:

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