Ark: First password protected RAR file unextracted

So I finally managed to find a clean way to bring passwords into Ark without disturbing the interface too much. So far, passwords are a property set on a current archive, and used for all files that are encrypted/protected. Differing passwords for different files are not supported (has anyone even seen this used?) A new contributor, Yew Ming, has started hacking on the Ark codebase. The first feature he is working on is 7zip support for Ark. Hopefully we can gradually get Ark up and living again. Also, I was recently made the new maintainer of Ark, despite my efforts to just limit this whole thing to a few interface improvements. I guess anything is better than the dead state it was in until recently. Henrique Pinto, if you’re reading this, I have quite a bit of questions I’d like to ask you about the Ark architecture. Several people seems to be unable to reach you from the KDE email. Any other place I can reach you?


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  1. infopipe Says:

    I think it’s really great what you are doing with ark! Keep on rocking and thank you very much!

  2. DiJy Says:

    Same opinion here. Great that there is work done again. Ark is a tool I use very much and I like it for its simple interface. Thanks to all past, current and future developers!

  3. leo_rockway Says:

    Good luck on being the new maintainer of Ark!
    Thanks for all the effort you are putting on it : )

  4. livingdots Says:

    Great job!

  5. Andreas Says:

    This is how probably 80% of maintainership transfers happen:
    “I want to do X… look, Y that I need for this is an unmaintained piece of crap! Let me just quickly fix the worst problems… What, maintainer? Okay, if you say so.”

  6. AlexeiSergeev Says:

    May be you are the one of few kde4 peoples who think about users more than about ideas)

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  9. pilpilon Says:

    what about the use of wallet to store the passwords, ( and maybe nepomuk to identify the files?)

    It is some random idea, but really there are cases that different rars has different passwords. sach as, X send you a.rar, and Y send you b.rar, all protected, and you need to look for the passwords all around the mailbox.

  10. Vide Says:

    Definitely the nepomuk integration is a must-have (if possible eheheh). It would be really useful to know that some random file in my hardisk was extracted from foo.tar.gz, which was download from

    And thanks a lot for your effort in bringing Ark back to life again! (and thanks also to Henrique pinto and all the work he did for Ark previously). You rock!

  11. IAnjo Says:

    Thanks for all your work, yet again. Been missing a decent gui compression app on linux for some years now. And good luck maintaining Ark!

  12. jim dorey Says:

    it’s been the case, that i’ve found software to compile, that is as much as 10 years old, that still works fine, and has all the features that it needs to feel right. i do believe that ark could have been left alone for that long, it’s good, nothing in archives has changed all that much, it’s only that pesky password problem that seems to drag me back to konsole. now i wonder, with password handling, and a bit of spit and polish, how long can ark last without needing changes?

  13. Harald Says:

    @jim dorey
    Not sure what to think about that post. Are you implying that ark3 should never have been changed at all? If so, then that choice was done before I entered development.
    One could argue (like has been done with many other parts of kde already) that it would be better to just do a straight port of the old kde3 code and then polish it, but realistically developers will just want to clean up the mess.

  14. Dave Says:

    Couple days ago I extracted a rar-archive, and couldn’t believe my eyes when ARK asked me for a password! After all these years … Thank you so much!

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