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Re: deskzilla, they gave us a site license

August 18, 2008

Here’s a followup to the previous post about deskzilla, they were actually really quick to response to my request and sent me a wide site license free for distribution. So, for anyone who wants it I uploaded it here:



Deskzilla – what do you think?

August 18, 2008

So at last the new version of rolled in, and for the occasion I started looking around for frontends to this thing. I stumbled upon Deskzilla, which is proprietary, but they give away free open source licenses (I applied for one today) and have been mostly linux friendly so far in my opinion.

Here’s a screenshot of the layout I eventually ended up after playing with it for a few hours today:

It’s really comfy to be able to cache the bug reports and efficiently do jobs as confirming, marking duplicate bugs and commenting on things without having to deal with browser tabs and pages waiting for reload.

So, how’s the community’s view upon this piece of software? Do people look the other way because this is proprietary, or am I just slow to discover deskzilla? Are there already FOSS apps that do this? (and don’t try to say kbugbuster, it’s completely broken)


August 9, 2008

Oh well, no akademy for me. But have fun everyone!
(just to squeeze a little greeting in there before the blog posts and svn commits start rolling in :))
(and another ark post coming up soon, several new things i want to talk about)

Ark: First password protected RAR file unextracted

August 2, 2008

So I finally managed to find a clean way to bring passwords into Ark without disturbing the interface too much. So far, passwords are a property set on a current archive, and used for all files that are encrypted/protected. Differing passwords for different files are not supported (has anyone even seen this used?) A new contributor, Yew Ming, has started hacking on the Ark codebase. The first feature he is working on is 7zip support for Ark. Hopefully we can gradually get Ark up and living again. Also, I was recently made the new maintainer of Ark, despite my efforts to just limit this whole thing to a few interface improvements. I guess anything is better than the dead state it was in until recently. Henrique Pinto, if you’re reading this, I have quite a bit of questions I’d like to ask you about the Ark architecture. Several people seems to be unable to reach you from the KDE email. Any other place I can reach you?